Friday, December 7, 2012

She's Back...............Who's Back?

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 Early August Fu Kyo's Onan Girl went to the doctor...

...Who discovered the source of all the smoke. 
(but Not the Why...)
Any way, the Onan dealer ordered new parts from the USA...
and ...the waiting...started!
Almost 4 months!

But Yo-Ho-Yo-Ho, just last week......
see the following pictures:

In the truck,

Can Fly,

Close up of the piece of string that "lifts" Onan Girl,

Part of the Get-Her-Inside Set-up,

Ready to pull Her horizontal?

In front of Her locker,

Couldn't do it without this Male Thing,

Gently does it,

Some push and pull is needed,

And finally put Onan Girl on her mounts.

  Welcome Home.

Now next week or-so, we're gonna splash Fu Kyo 
and give Onan Girl a good work-out.
Let the AC glow, let it glow, let it glow!


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