Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gokase Mountain Run

Gokase Mountain Run.....As seen from the side-line.....
What a "way to go"!!
The course is it is a long way up and a little down.
due to whatever i hadn't signed up, but a day out with friends AND on the mountain is always good.

Them ;-) and my co-side liner Aya

And ..... off they Go, only an other 19 K more

The TOP (almost)  of this ski sloop.
A friendly 4-wheel car had brought Aya and me to this Cheering and Banana Station.

Here comes a Red Shirt: Ohara sensei

Looking good (again) after the one and only Banana Station

Something Yellow down there coming this way?

And indeed...

Noriko sensei, full of spirits after a short pit-stop.

Something Blue?

Well the pants are for sure: Tomo kun still full-air for jokes with Aya

Yes man, That Way...

Hihihi, that is THE Top (almost, hihihi).

Once more , that day the weather and scenery were stunning!
 Marijke and her birding friends went to this exactly same place the next day, only to spent most of it in thick mountain fog..

Them Afterwards.
With a very, very happy Noriko as she got the FIRST price.
Well Done 

Afterwards we, even the side-liners, went OF COURSE, for a steaming Hot Bath, some sight seeing and    OF COURSE ice-cream

Autumn is here, the rice is getting ready for harvesting.

Even in the Old Days, they knew how to cross rivers and valleys

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