Thursday, September 15, 2011

September's Hot Shots

Meet Rebecca and Tommy. Sister and Brother.
Rebecca runs together with her husband our favorite Taiwanese restaurant here in Meinohama, Fukuoka.
Tommy, well we have met him a few times during our visits to Taiwan.
Now he was here for a few days and happy
to drink a cup of Mt Alishan tea on board of
   Sy Alishan.

Thanx for your visit!

Fu Kyo the Cat at rest at Iwaya Port on the NW coast of Kyushu. A nice stop indeed, with a good Hot Spring only 5 minutes on foot.  
See the 2 Boops in the distance? The right one is Oh-shima, some of you might have been there.
Oh yes, summer is gone, but the days are still super hot.

Nori and Wakame cooling down after
an other Hot Day at their Sleeping Office.
Asleep and Awake:They are so much fun!


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