Friday, June 17, 2011

All so Grey..but Wait.....

These days in the Tsuyu (rainy season) are sooo grey....Blah.
Alishan's solar panels are sleeping, sunglasses are covered in "dust" and sunscreen...oops, when was the last time we needed it?
But with all this rain, the flowers are having a good time.
See here a pix of "our" Fukuoka Castle (ruin), the pond and entrance road. With left and right yellow, blue and red flowers that make us happy.

So what do we do?
Marijke finds the odd dry moment to look for birds, does some ABC stuff and.....
Jaap helps out with the fish. 1 Day we had manymany snappers with a couple big ones sold for 7000 yen/each!  Happy fishermen!  And they need those prices as diesel goes for 92 yen/liter and 1 day out there slurps at least 300 liters.

Salute from under an umbrella;-)

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