Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On the J.O.B.

Fu Kyo

And this is her 3?

Yep, she is a Lagoon 421,
brand new out of the box.

Here we are heading into the sunset, little wind so the 2x 70HP push her along.

Owner Mr Mitsuda (with sunglasses), and Meinohama neighbor/crew mate Kiyama.
It's lunch time!!

Luckily it's not always cup-noodles. Here a pix of yummy squid sashimi.

Entering Arakawa Port in Fukue Island. (Goto Retto)

Alishan was here 5 years ago and of course I remembered the nice hot spring, right in front where we parked the boat. So that's where we are heading for..

Fu Kyo's stern.

Everything is so much different than Alishan.

Some are good, some i have my doubts about. But hey, it's a fun job indeed.

Still many things have to be set up properly.

But at least we can get the PC charged at..


the toilet..

Ask me how;-)

After 1 week "On the Job" , coming home was good.

Nori and Wakame were welcoming me....

Or are they?


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  1. stumbled upon your blog while googling for info on Odo and Fukuoka sailing. I was working on my boat in Odo and saw a big catamaran pull in. Was wondering where it came from. Now I know! Will it be docked permanently at Odo Yacht harbor? I own an Elan 34 at Odo called Baosin (Chinese) or in Japanese, Takaraboshi. Alishan is a great name. Briefly thought about naming my boat after a Taiwanese mountain too. I'm Taiwanese American.