Monday, March 14, 2011


Talking to Marijke, what a great thing SKYPE is, I am happy to report that for ALISHAN and friends in Fukuoka things are okay.
Sadly it's not the case for manymany people in the east of JAPAN. Those problems now with the nuclear power stations are scary....  Don't know what to say....
Jaap is still in Holland, but due to fly back to Fukuoka Thursday night (16/3). Hopefully the flight will not be cancelled. (A'dam, Seoul, Fukuoka).
Again, thank you all for your concerns. 

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  1. Ha Marijke,
    Thank God you are ok! Na het nieuws van de aardbeving en Tsunami keek ik snel waar precies in Japan jjullie thuis haven is. Je zal blij zijn als Jaap terug is van Nl.
    We denken en bidden voor Japan!
    Chris en Caroline