Monday, April 6, 2009

Back Home after our Sushi cq. Visa Run

What a timing!
At Fukuoka the cherry blossom was at its peak.
Too bad we had to enjoy the pretty flowers during a cold weather span. It was only 9 degrees C when we got off the airplane.
Even the inside of Alishan's fridge is seldom soo cold!
BUT seeing all our friends and family made us feel warm indeed.
The paperwork=visa stamp thingies were done in a day, no problem. Even Jaap's drivers license got a 5 year renewal, no sweat.
Of course we ODed on japanese food...and for sure the meals were super.
Thank you Fukuoka for looking after us!
On the way back, we stopped for a few hours in HK, just to do some shopping (yesyes, Nori and Wakame's favorite cat food) and to see Janice and her family.

Alishan will be at Rebak till the end of the week, then go back to Telaga and...

Salute for now.

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