Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Surin Islands

9 degree 25N
97 degree 53E
The Surin Islands are to the NW of Phuket. Well known for fish and bird life, after all it is a National Park.
Alishan arrived here yesterday after an other Champagne Sail, 30 miles beam reach. Perfect. The only minus was no fish on the line;-((
Ha, and don't you see and smell it? We had the first rain in 6 weeks so we all skinny dipped and washed and washed!

Tom is becoming a Great Sailor, now here we hope to find a scuba school for him.

And of course we will try to upload some pictures.
After all we do have a new phone on board that sometimes is able to make a small and slow Internet connection.....

Salute for now.

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