Monday, December 1, 2008

Back in Kuah

All the things we wanted to do in Penang had been done, so it was time to move on again.
The trip towards Langkawi was a nice one, with even some wind good enough for some real sailing.... Mind you the joy lasted only for 1 hour...then the wind shifted further to the NNE..more or less bang on the nose.
Oh well, we did make it to the anchorage before sunset...dropped the hook..and...started to role very uncomfy in the swell... (In Penang's marina it was more or less the same...but there we paid for it!!)
Next day we explored the Fresh Water Lake, read a book and slept.
Definite the NE monsoon is here:Somehow we are "cold", can you believe's only 28 C.
Now Alishan is at anchor at Kuah, the Big Smoke of Langkawi. Here for some supply shopping and meeting up with cruising friends and later in the week off we go to the NW corner of Langkawi.
Hmm, hope we can fiend a spot to drop the anchor...boy are there manyyyy boats this time of the year., ( we talked to some of those boats..they are taking part in a 2-year-around-the-world-trip, so they should move on;-))))
Salute for now.

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